The Value of Blogging

This month in our Healerzone monthly meeting, we look at blogging for therapists. I have the pleasure of listening to a great therapist and blogger, Kate Codrington, who also happens to be this month’s speaker…

The pressure is on!

Well, that would be the case if I was a blogging-queen.

Give me a theme and I’ll happily write a piece of flash-fiction. Give me a topic and ask for a blog and I stare at a blank screen!

Years ago, a friend challenged me to a year of blogging. No themes or topics, simply write a blog a month for the sake of writing. This helped get my creative juices flowing yet I didn’t catch the blogging-bug.

I gave up after the challenge year ended. Little did I knowI would be taking my business in a new direction 12 months later…

Enter a new blogsite with not one but two blogs a month. How did I manage that?

Well, firstly I had to learn that although not my favourite method of writing, blogging is very important. To sit down regularly and think about what is happening in your business, your life and the world at large is really integral to keeping up to date with clients.

Secondly, I realised that some people don’t enjoy coaching or training courses, preferring to read as much as they can on any given topic. Yes, blogging is a way to passively help people of all learning styles, while sleeping. Blogs can be read 24/7, anywhere on the planet!

Thirdly, blogging means I get to tell my story whilst providing tips and techniques to whoever reads it. There’s even a bit of structure in terms of taking the time to write and ensure what is written is valuable. Structure helps creativity blossom – counterintuitive but true none the less.

Fourthly, I briefly mentioned above, is value. For me, blogging is about telling my story to provide a way for people to bypass the mistakes I made and get straight to success. Without the fuss and bother of making mistakes, and certainly not repeating the ones I made.

Fifth, I realised that blogging is really writing for myself rather than an audience. If another person reads it, finds value and structure, learns and thinks about their life – that’s the bonus. Through blogging, I find a way to express my thoughts and refine the work I do. Personal blogging helps strengthen the planning and processes I put in place, this is great. Confidence for me and confidence spilling over for my clients!

I have come to realise that for me at least, blogging is a way to give back.

Having spent many years studying, developing and growing my expertise has meant when I help someone it makes things so much easier for them. Seeing me in person, the client gets the best of my experience tailored to their personal needs. That takes a whole lot of learning and development to make it that easy for someone. The experience behind making it ‘easy’ is where the cost comes in.

For those who read, learn and apply the blogs to themselves, great!

The next step is to use that knowledge and take action. Do something with it. Don’t leave it in the ‘nice to know’ bin. Actually, make what you learn work for you. Just because a blog is free, doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable.

You can apply the learnings and then set a date with your coach to polish and shine the odd glitch. This helps you make the most of the in-person time you do have and gives you the best of both worlds by reducing the cost of having several coaching sessions – genius!

In my case, rather than being pressurised about my blogging skills, I am so excited to getting the best of Kate’s mini-workshop, and applying her expertise to my blogs!

Well, all this is up to you, though. Given what I have said above, what have you learned and applied from this blog?

Go on, go learn and do great things in the blogosphere today!

Cheryl-lya is a Soul Adventurer, helping women around the globe plan, launch and grow successful and sustainable businesses. She runs workshops alongside one-to-one coaching. To contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911, or visit her website . Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email: 

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