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Looking for a bit of support, some ‘me-time’? Here’s a few books to help you on your way.

Twenty-one Day Gratitude Challenge Journal

This is no ordinary challenge and it's not the usual gratitude journal either!

Over the next twenty-one days we are going to journey together, developing and growing your attitude of gratitude to higher levels. This journal helps to shift your mind-set into a new positive way of be-ing through connecting you with your-Self. Asking thought provoking questions, this is the move to wholeness you have been looking for.


“Wow!!! I love, love, love it, the tone is spot on. It’s so engaging”- Tamsin Henman

“I laughed and cried through your intro… I love your journey, I love the countdown concept. You’ve set it out beautifully” - Eloise van der Merwe

“Well done on such a lovely piece of art” - Moriah Ama Hope

“I love your idea and the way you have made it alive and interactive, not the usual boring and lifeless gratitude booklet. I would like to buy 3 copies please!”  - Lara Brook

Connecting with Your Angels: A Journey of Discovery

This booklet will show you what angels are, how having a relationship with your angel can help you in daily life as well as how to connect with your angel in an easy, safe manner. Oh, and about having fun too!

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