Even gurus have to pay bills!

So how is it that our favourite thought leaders are where they are and you and I are where we are? The answer in one word: FOCUS.

If you are anything like me, when I started out with my business, I was thrilled at the ideas and support that came my way. At the same time I was filled with doubts (yes, I call them Nogee monsters!). I was incredibly concerned about how I would transition from my well-paying corporate job into that of a spiritual-do-gooder earning nothing.

‘Obviously, I couldn’t earn a living doing spiritual stuff, money is so not spiritual’. That was one of my actual thoughts. Really!

Those fears held me so tightly that I didn’t actually leave the corporate world until I physically burnt myself out. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. My focus was on fear.

When I finally made the leap, my heart filled with love and the desire to help all, I gave most of my services for free. My focus was on everyone else except me. I thought it was love (really!).

Pretty soon I felt the pinch.

Surely I was doing so much good, though, getting awesome results for my clients, giving freebies? The Universe would fulfil my needs, it had to, how else could I continue giving myself away..? After all, that is how it works, isn’t it?

Erm, no.

Like you, I too have bills to pay. It didn’t take long for my first business to fizzle… seeing a pattern yet?

Soon I found myself broke and broken. None of the people I helped into their great businesses came back to support me. No help flooded in. The Universe abandoned me (another not so great thought!).

Alone, I had to reset and revive. Somewhere in the depths of my soul, I had to find the ‘real’ me. Version 2.0.

During that inner-search, I learnt some difficult lessons. One of the most fascinating lessons was ‘energy flows where intention goes’. Wherever I placed my focus, was what appeared.

If I worried about changes, things changed worryingly. If I focussed on supporting with pure intentions, angels in human disguises found me.

Whenever I focussed on what I wanted (good, bad or indifferent), that’s what arrived in my life. As this realisation dawned, I decided to focus on the support I needed.

Finally, a ground-crew assembled just for me! The perfect people came into my life for healing, mentoring and building me up. They recommended other people who had walked this path before and became experts.

The perfect people came into my life for healing, mentoring and building me up. They recommended other people who had walked this path before and became experts.

Whilst researching thought leaders, this simple truth was evident to them: whatever they focussed on they manifested. The ideas they gave were to first focus on nourishing your spiritual needs. Once fulfilled then bring that focus into your business practices.

Soon a new pattern was emerging. It was time to practice focussing on what I ‘DO’ want. And practice it is, getting easier over time: support the ‘self’ first, then you’ll be better placed to help others.

Positive changes began to take effect gradually. Clients started appearing more and more. The awesome ones I love working with. Feeling energised and motivated, I upped my gratuity practices.

Talk about instant growth!

There is nothing unspiritual about making money. There is nothing unspiritual about planning. There is nothing unspiritual about evolving. Being grateful for doing what you love is the most spiritual act you can perform.

Focus on gratitude for what you do have, and the good stuff follows!

Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch and so many others understand this. They are filled with spiritual truths and practices. They too have bills to pay. Jim Rosemergy wrote an entire book ‘Even mystics have bills to pay’.

In line with the thought leaders, you’ll find the key to paying bills: place your focus on your spiritual business and let the business of being spiritual take care of you.

Cheryl-lya is a Soul Adventurer: helping women around the globe plan launch and grow successful sustainable businesses. She runs workshops alongside one-to-one coaching. To contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911, or visit her website soulscompass.net and schedule a free Connection Session. Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email: cheryllyas@btinternet.com

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