Finding clients in difficult times

We all know that clients are the ‘bread and butter’ of our business. We also know that our ideal clients, our divine audience, are the jam in the business sandwich.

The big question: how to find them, especially in today’s world of constant changes?

Getting clear

In the beginning, I thought, sell, sell, sell. Tell everyone and someone will come. No, that was not a good idea. In the words of Meredith Hill, “Speak to everyone and you speak to no-one”.

‘What exactly does that mean’, I pondered for days.

Then it hit me, time to visualise my ideal client (again!). As I was growing in myself, so too were my clients. As their needs were changing, my focus also needed to change.

I was back to the drawing board. I had a new range of clients to serve. Rather, I now had a properly exciting divine audience to serve.

Energy flows where intention goes

By focussing my attention where I wanted it to be, the fear of not finding clients was dissipating. Plus, I was better able to serve a few clients more fully. (Oh, and the rewards still keep coming!).

With my vision in hand, I looked over my past plans, re-assessed what worked and what didn’t. I realised I had to get out of my comfort zone and put myself where my clients were. That meant dedicating some time to on-line networking and expanding my current networking group (yes, singular!) to a number of groups across London.

Talk about expanding the comfort zone.

The surprising thing that happened was the Healerzone group I run, expanded too. As people were meeting me, they were making the move from Facebook-friend to in-person-real-live-hugging-friend.

Needless to say, I prefer the latter! As I am now fully realising that business is built on relationships, the more hugs the better the relationship. So much more fun.

Being seen

Although I loved being in our Amateur Dramatics Group back in the day, always being in the limelight was never my thing, even for the opportunity of a good hug.

With owning a business, this has meant I need to be out and about, taking action and speaking up.

Well, I’m still getting the hang of being seen, however, what I hadn’t realised was the number of people who had already ‘seen’ me on Facebook.

Wow. One person I spoke to, had been following my progression on Facebook for a year. I’m still not certain whether that is scary or not…

Either way, I had been visible without even knowing it!

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Actions speak louder than words

At some point, you have to get out in the world, put yourself in front of your divine audience. Away from the comfort of hiding behind on-line networks!

Go in-person networking… Don’t let that scare you, though.

What you won’t have realised, is that most of the room will be just as scared as you are. We are all human and all want to be accepted and liked within a group.

Do some random act of kindness. Invite a quieter person to join in with you. Ask them questions. Be interested in those around you.

Those two simple actions will help you build relationships. They will also focus your attention on who you do want to serve. Relationships mean solid business contacts. Before you know it, you will have grown your divine audience.

Keep taking little actions every day and your clients will be attracted to you.

Yes, there is plenty you don’t know. No one person knows everything about everything. We all have our talents and gifts. If you want to find you ‘jammy’ clients, the ones who make you go woo hoo – find a mentor to support you.

Your mentor will be your sounding board, your guide and your voice of reason. I have been blessed with a variety of mentors. I’m so glad I worked with them all as each one helped hone my talents and skills.

Each mentor helped me find clients in a way that worked for me. Mentoring really does work!

You really don’t have to eat stale sandwiches: clarity, energy, visibility, action and a great mentor will take you and your business to great new heights.

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