Do you believe in magic?

“Oh oh oho It’s Magic you know…” Pilot sang these words in 1974. That song has been covered many times, but the magic is still there.

Last year I was helping a friend at an event. The chap in the stall next to us was a magician.

Oh, the excitement I felt when I thought I could finally learn what magic was all about. Not just the magic of dragons, unicorns and other wonderful creatures.

A real human I could watch and work out what the magic tricks really were…

It was a very unusual experience. I first watched the same trick four times before I began to get a clue. A piece was missing though.

After a few hours, I worked up the courage to ask him how he did his trick. I was so surprised when he said he would show me!

He asked me to watch the next person who spoke to him. I did, intently.

It was then I noticed the magician was clearly directing the person’s attention toward what the magician wanted him to see.

A thought popped into my head, straight out of A Course In Miracles: “There is no order of difficulty in miracles”. It didn’t make much sense until I got home.

Magic is an illusion.

The magician took that punter’s attention and placed where he wanted it. Thus the punter avoided seeing the obvious. The punter was very much believing what he was seeing in the moment, not perceiving the sleight of hand.

By the end of the magicians trick, the punter had believed what he thought he saw.

In other words, he believed what he wanted to see and so saw it. In that order, believe first and see second.

What to one man was miraculous, to the other was a matter of perception and where perception is placed.

My mind raced. Magic and miracles are the same things then.

Where we place our intention is where the energy flows and then manifests for us. The Universe knows we are seeing without seeing. If we believe something enough, then we will see it…

Turning quickly to A Course In Miracles, I scanned through a few pages and then realised fully that a miracle is a shift in perception.

Just like magic, miracles require a shift in perception to occur. Even though everything is there for us to see, we aren’t seeing it!

When we change the way we perceive something, the whole thing changes. When we shift our perception and believe we can do something, we can…

Have you ever been so angry with your partner for not putting the lid on the toothpaste that you argue daily?

Then one morning it becomes too much effort to argue so you don’t. You think of other things. Leaving the lid off the toothpaste, you carry on with your day.

Determined your day will be a good one you decide that toothpaste lid is a minor part of what is a great day. You love your partner anyway!

The next morning, you reach for the toothpaste to find the lid firmly on. Smiling you think to yourself, my partner finally got it.

OK, so maybe not quite a miracle, however, you and your partner are both happier and mornings are fun again. That’s the same shift in perception. Something had to give for the miracle to occur.

When you placed your attention on something else, the way opened for a miracle to happen.

Remember, there is no order of difficulty in miracles. Keep that in mind for the rest of the day. What other perceptions can you shift?

As you allow for changes in your perceptions, you start noticing, even more, awesome stuff starting to happen. Out of nowhere opportunities arise, doors open that were firmly shut before.

Whether you call it a magic or a miracle, it’s the same.

Believe it and you will see it.

“Oh oh oho It’s Magic you know…” What will shift for you today?

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