How to grow your potential

Back in my HR days, we had loads of weird people in charge. I remember a manager once referring to a staff member’s suggestion as being ‘somewhat opaque’.

Really? Yes, really!

I quite liked the staff member’s idea and remember thinking if they were both on the same page, that suggestion could make a huge difference.

Certainly, had the member of staff presented his idea in a more logical way and taken a moment to plan his approach, I think the manager may well have seen the potential and acted on it!

Time to get on the same page then, also known as alignment!

For the last few years working with Well-being practitioners and start-ups, I have seen really good ideas get dropped by the wayside because the decision maker was ‘somewhat opaque’!

On a mission to get clear, great and life changing ideas out in the world, I realised the biggest gap to getting work ‘out there’ is the parts of ourselves not being on the same page.

Well-being practitioners, therapists, coaches, healers, we (yes that includes me!) all love doing our thing. Nothing else.

However, if we at least get into alignment with our business, life and career, the real magic happens.

By this I mean the cricket song vanishes further with each new client. Tumbleweed finds its resting place and we can actually see the wood for the trees!

Ah, what a pipedream!

Not really. Here is a great little way to remember how to get clear, get into alignment and really grow your potential.

The caveat is, of course, is that you need to put in the time, effort and focus to make magic happen.

Vidal Sassoon sums it up with “The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary.”

Because time is precious, here’s a quick way to remember how to keep your business, life and career in alignment to grow your potential: stay on the same P.A.G.E.


Whatever potential you want to build on, planning is your foundation. Whether it’s your business, a project, personal potential or a job, a great plan underpins them all and creates the stability you need.

What does your plan show you? If you’ve made the effort, it shows the gaps that need plugging and the next steps to take…


Take action on your plan. Plug the gaps. Create a strategy for success. It doesn’t matter if you are a healer using your front room or the next sell-out-master-coach.

Think to yourself: ‘What actions can I take today? Yes it takes time, however, small actions taken daily get you to the next phase…


Each step you take grows your potential and lets you know if you are still in alignment or not. Client numbers, bank balance… Is your growth in the direction you want?

Will this current form of growth get you to the point of fulfilling your vision? Once you have reached that point, the next step is…


Yes, the new version 2.0 of you emerges. Stronger, wiser and fully aligned, you are ready to take on the world in love and with ease.

You attract what you truly want and the success you deserve comes your way.

You then have the choice to turn the page and start again or to edit the page you are on…

Either way, you know your potential. You are living in alignment and you always have the choice.

Time to share: How empowered are you now that you are on the same page?

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