Four reasons your start-up could fail (and how to avoid them)

Plenty of people like you have started their therapy business during a down-turn or recession and thrived.

The reason for their success: There is never a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time to start up your own therapy (or any other) business. Get real and get clear and you will see a way to overcoming most obstacles. This is true for any business.

Working mostly with women who are therapists, healers and coaches, there are some key concepts that need consideration before you set out on your journey to start-up.

By the very nature of the work we do, we tend to want to ‘go with the flow’. I am totally an advocate for flow, however, we have to realise there are a lot of things we don’t know.

In setting up your therapy practice, it is wise to learn how to know what you don’t know as that will go a long way to building success and getting your work out in the world.

Knowing these four reasons that could cause your business to fail, will help with avoiding pitfalls:

Reason 1: Starting for the wrong reasons

Knowing why you are doing what you do seems fairly straightforward, yet so many people ignore the whys!

We have all heard of the dreaded cow-boy-builder who gets in on the trade purely because the sector is growing and the potential for money-making is great…  Big no!

Now, there is nothing unspiritual about making money. It’s how you make it that counts.

Why have you started your business?

For lifestyle changes, to serve others, so many answers… Of them all, does your ‘business-you’ wake up in the morning and say ‘Woo hoo let’s rock the world today’…

Start for the right reasons; aligned to your personal truth.

Reason 2: Lack of planning

There is absolutely nothing unspiritual about planning.

Know every aspect of your business: what happens; when; how and in what frequency. This allows you to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Planning gives you the confidence to control your business your way. You know exactly what to do next and there is no ambiguity. Crystal clear. Seeing the results.

Planning is the key to your success. You may be afraid of the big words like ‘business model’ and ‘strategic…’  They are simply words.

Your business plan will take you through the logical steps you need leading you to know what you don’t know.

How aligned are you to your business? Your business plan holds the answers!

Reason 3: Misaligned mind set

You are your business.

If you are having a bad day, so is your business… get over it, quickly. Learn from the mistakes and get back to centre.

The key to overcoming this is all in your mind.

Your mind set determines how you think, express and act in the world. Your mind set determines how far your business grows.

Take that ‘Let’s rock the world’ feeling to another level.

Connect with yourself at a higher level. Ask how best you can serve the world in a way that works for you.

There are so many people out there giving advice, speak to them all. Get a feel for each then work with the person that resonates with you. That connection and support will help get your mind set in the right place to rock the world.

Reason 4: Lack of understanding clients

Most people have a great service or product, want to get it out there yet haven’t worked out who the service is for.

Know your divine audience, serve them and all needs will be met. Have you spoken with these people, are you in tune with their needs – these are two considerations to make before getting out in the world.

Without your clients, your business won’t be effective.

Who is your ideal client?

Understand their needs and provide your service in a way they understand. Soon you will have a bunch of raving fans and a client list as long as you need!

These four reasons and how to overcome them, will put you ahead and save you time and money. To get the best results, find and work with a great coach who will guide and steer you, in a way that works for you.

Cheryl-lya is a Soul Adventurer, helping women around the globe plan, launch and grow successful and sustainable businesses. She runs workshops alongside one-to-one coaching. To contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911, or visit her website and schedule a free Virtual Cuppa. Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email: 

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