Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Strategies that play to your talents, that's the way we like it!


Understand what you actually need

Social Media can be overwhelming, time-consuming and a complete pain to get right.  Social media campaigns, platforms, SEO… words which are all a big jumble and a chore you simply can’t be doing with.

How do you know what you actually need?

As a one-woman business, it took me over two years of trial and error before social media started working for me. During that time, my friends were guinea pigs too… True story.

With that kind of experience being passed on to you, feel safe knowing your social media will be working for you in no time! Over the years I’ve tested and learned what is best for getting your work out in the wider world.

With the right strategies in place, you get the right results. You can also spend more time working on your business and less in your business. Twenty percent effort for 80 percent results gives you the life you deserve, right?

Easy to apply strategies

News flash: Not every business needs every social media platform.

Not every business needs a blog, website, flyers all in one.

Identifying the strategy that’s best for you is easier than you think. Applying those strategies couldn’t be simpler.

Your strategy will take away any overwhelm and frustration by showing you what needs to be done when. Simple.

First, we’ll audit the social media you have in place, give you solid feedback on what’s working well and where to improve. Then, we’ll work together to develop a sound strategy to grow your business.

Clarity through strategy and copywriting.

A strategy is about how and when you communicate with your clients. Copywriting is about what you say to them.

Strategy and copy go hand in hand so it makes sense to have your needs met under one roof. The benefits:

  • consistency,
  • time and money saving,
  • ease,
  • peace of mind

A clear strategy means your clients, your collaborators, contractors and supporters are all working to the same understood result. Win-win all around.

How I can help you

  1. Social Media Audit

Are you using the right platforms for your needs, saying the words your clients understand? This includes visuals, copy and how they all work together to benefit your brand.

  1. Copywriting

Helping you harness the power of well-placed words. Words that work for you while you are sleeping, having fun and working on your business.

  1. Strategy

Is your social media working for you? Here we will work out what needs to be done when whilst ensuring you are playing to your talents and your work-life balance is maintained.

Wherever you are on the globe, video-calls make the world a village. We work together through video-calls internationally, UK phone/video or in-person if you are around North London.

Bespoke packages individually priced

Every business, project and piece is unique. It’s best to work out what you need first and price up accordingly.

We’ll have a chat to work out what you need. You’ll choose one of these three ways to price up your project:

  • The All-Inclusive-Done-for-You – This is the mega, all-inclusive option where you sit back and relax while I do it all for you. Usually best for either ongoing monthly services (e.g. blogs, social media, and so on) or longer-term ad hoc projects (websites).
  • The DIY Self-Starter Kit– Whether it’s writing posts or campaign strategies, I’ll teach you how to write your own pieces. Usually best for those who enjoy writing and need a guiding hand or coach.
  • The Tailored-Just-for-You - You do the bits you love and I do the bits you don’t. Usually best for one-off ad hoc projects alongside monthly or ongoing projects (e.g. social media posts to platforms with newsletters and blogs). Think of this as the best of both worlds, win-win.

Are you a phone or a form kinda gal?

Phone me on 07527 303 911 or contact me via the contact form. Either way, let’s talk today and get your social media strategy working for you.