To blog or not to blog…

I would love to say something really important, like blogging is my life, but it’s not! To be honest, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t blog. Now, there is no one holding a gun to my head forcing me to write. (If there was, I’d silently mouth ‘help me’ while the gun-toting-fiend turned his back).

For me, blogging started out as a challenge and then later became a way for me to give back. A way to share, express myself and grow. Yet I still regularly question the decision to blog or not to blog!

To be fair, blogging isn’t for everyone.

What I have found with blogging is that I have been honing the ability to really focus on what I want to share, and then say it. Sans flowery description.

Okay, okay, I hear you. For those who have read any of my previous blogs: Yes, there are a few frills and the odd flowery description. I do have to be me, though!

Every bit of writing has to have a piece of the author in it. So too does a blog. Whether an article is about a business start-up or a creative piece about dragons and sunshine, a part of you needs to be there.

In having a piece of ourselves in the writing, for me at least, it feels like I am opening a part of me to the world. Laying my soul bare, so to speak, becomes vulnerable. Generally, this is where the fear sets in. All my nogees (NOtGoodEnoughEvers) come to the surface.

Once the soul is vulnerable out there, on the ether, floating on a highway of fibre-optics, someone eventually reads the blog. When read, as you are doing now, an opinion forms. Either resonate or criticising the piece. Some people are wonderfully constructive in their feedback. This makes the process such a pleasure. When a person takes the time to say what they enjoyed, it leaves me feeling like a dazzling star.

Not always the case, though. Some others feel the need to publicly shame the piece simply because it wasn’t for them. Having a blog ‘out there’ leaves one open to this kind of scrutiny. Bearing in mind we all have an ‘off-day’, criticism can also be fair. But mostly it’s destructive.

‘Sooth your words with peace’ springs to mind!

Differences of opinion are so valuable. They help to bring fresh new approaches, new ways of thinking and growing. This is especially true when delivered constructively!

As a writer, I have learned from some wonderful people along the way. For me, blogging has been an integral part of that journey. Even the negative criticisms! What is even more wonderful is every day I get to learn something new. It’s a perpetual learning machine! How exciting.

Because I tend to be open to learning and growing my skills, blogging has actually helped me forge a new way of being. I (and you will too), get to trust my thoughts, feeling and emotions. Then express into the world something uniquely mine: my own perspective.

It has taken me about six years to build up the courage to blog continuously. It has truly been a journey of self-discovery. I have negotiated some new and undiscovered territories along the way. Tamed the odd Nogee and found more of myself.

So the ultimate question now for you: To blog or not to blog…?

P.S. Looking forward to reading some of your stuff out there on the fibre-optic highway!

Cheryl-lya is a Soul Adventurer, helping women around the globe plan, launch and grow successful and sustainable businesses. She runs workshops alongside one-to-one coaching. To contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911, or visit her website . Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email: 


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  • Meg Hartmann July 19, 2016, 9:38 pm

    Some wonderful advice in this piece! Your love of learning and growing definitely shines through. In our rush to promote, we forget that blogging is also a tool for discovery.

  • Evolving Souls October 1, 2019, 11:40 am

    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find high quality writing like yours nowadays.

    I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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