Such a beautiful word and it rolls of the tongue so simply as well. A word which is both calming when spoken and wonderful to use in every day language.

‘Inspire’ has its origins in Greek, Latin and Early Fourteenth Century English. All origins have similar meanings being either to “breath in” or to “fill (some-one) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”, as per the Oxford Dictionary. I like to think of inspiration as both occurring simultaneously.

Isn’t it wonderful that as human beings our very thoughts and ideas get to breathed into life and then enable some-one else to do or feel or to create. I think that is amazing that we can draw inspiration from our environment, other living beings and inanimate objects. We literally live and breathe inspiration every day.

Just think, how many times have you have felt blue? You pick up an article or book and by the time you have finished reading it, you are in a better space. You are smiling and those around you are feeling better too. You have been inspired by the material you have read, and you have spread inspiration. You have breathed and created. A miracle in action, amazing.

Think a bit more around the impact that has on both yourself and the people around you. The people around you, take inspiration from you and in turn inspire others. The miracle in action grows, like a snowball of happiness. Isn’t that wonderful? I think so, that is why I have made my vision for life to ‘build a snowball of happiness around the globe’. In building my snowball of happiness, I have been inspired by a lot of wonderful people and am continually inspired by my clients, colleagues, mentors and every-day life.

There is one key to spreading inspiration that every-one seems to forget, unfortunately: to give back to the source of inspiration.

Simply being grateful is a wonderful start to giving back. To get the inspiration rippling back to you ten-fold, it’s even better to give thanks to the source directly. A-ha! By giving back to the source of inspiration, you allow the flow to grow and build momentum. Let me give you an example.

That article you read when you were feeling down, get in touch with the author and say thank-you. The author will be inspired to write more wonderful articles. You could share the information with your friends and family and allow them to be inspired, they thank-you, you thank the author and voila, a snowball of happiness grows, inspiration flows freely and every-one benefits. Now, that’s what I am talking about.

I apply this in my own life as often as I can: I offer free tasters of the work I do, no strings attached (even though my marketing guru disagrees with me!). I volunteer in my local community and I also support my mentor Nicolas David Ngan by helping at his book launches voluntarily, as well as doing some work on an exchange basis – why? Both Nicolas and the people I support offer constant flow of inspiration to me and help me spread my work. In doing so, we all reach more people and that snowball of happiness grows. I get to be part of a soul-family that has my best interests at heart and supports my every step.

When you make giving back to your source of inspiration a daily action, you will soon see the ripples of inspiration flowing back to you in amazing ways. Inspiration helps serendipity along. I can say hand-on-heart, I work globally. All this through simply giving back to my various sources of inspiration.

So, what happens if your source of inspiration is a sunrise, your kitten or an inanimate object. Share your joy on how lovely the sunrise is, describe it to a friend. Cuddle your kitten and tell it how awesome it is. Buy another inanimate object that brings you joy and give it to a stranger. One of my best friends will often leave a cup-cake or a bunch of flowers for the staff in her local tax office, quite often in the worst of tax times. Talk about inspiring!

There is so much you can do and none of it will cost you anything:

  • A smile.
  • A thank-you note.
  • A random letter for a stranger saying ‘you are awesome’
  • Leaving a lovely comment on an inspiring piece
  • Sharing your inspiration with others

All you need do is take a deep breath in, feel the urge and then do something creative. Feel the flow, be the flow, allow the flow.

You are truly amazing, thank-you for inspiring me to be more of who I am.

Calming and so beautiful to say: Inspire. Wouldn’t you agree?

Cheryl-lya has been a Soul Contract Reader for over five years and is now available for private sessions and workshops. She holds both on-line and in-person sessions, helping people all over the globe. Contact her through her website or call UK mobile 07527 303 911. You can also find her on Facebook: Souls Compass and Twitter: @cherrybug01

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