Five great reasons why sharing is good for you

If you had asked me seven years ago whether it was a good idea to share I probably would have said no.

We are raised to be guarded and protect our assets. Yet so many people talk about sharing creating abundance. How exactly could that be possible?

All those years ago, I lived in fear someone would steal from me. A bit daft really as already by that point in time I’d had so much stolen from me that there wasn’t much more to lose!

A cool business idea to help students into employment – stolen by the very mentor I’d worked with in Uni to develop the idea.

The inheritance my father had left me to help me through life – taken by the very people I trusted to help me grow.

Yes, guarded is a polite way to describe how I was when I started out in business.

Let me assure you, this is not the case today…

Seven years of hard work, a failed business and getting to the very point of almost losing everything, I can assure you, sharing is the way to grow a business. Authentically.

Like you, I have been blessed with true mentors who have helped me develop and grow. Blessed with friends who have supported me through the toughest times and who continue to support me is wonderful.

Without ‘Team Cheryl-lya’ to hand, life would be a very different kettle of fish. I am now surrounded by angels – yes, people I trust implicitly and know are authentic and have oodles of integrity. So do you.

You know it took you a lot of mentors, teachers and people to help you get where you are today. There are a few secrets to help you choose your team, some you are not fully aware of. You know what is right for you when you see it.

What helped you come to that decision?

You probably heard about your mentors through a friend or did some online research. Once you resonated with them you probably even stalked them a little on social media– even just a tiny bit!

Well, you had to get an idea of whether they were a good match for you or not. I bet you will surprise yourself when you realised how you made the choice to work with them…

Sharing is caring

When you were getting a feel for whether you wanted to work with a particular mentor or not, you more than likely had a good look at what they were sharing and what they did, so you could do the same.

Big hint, your clients do too – think about that for a moment.

This leads us on to the nitty gritty about sharing.

The New York Times did some pretty great research into this here topic in 2011 ( And here are the top 5 reasons for sharing:

  1. To bring valuable, enlightening and entertaining content into the lives of people you care about:

Your clients are watching what you share and making decisions about you based on what is shared. If you share valuable stuff, they will see you as valuable. Entertain them and you will have friends for life! They really share to help others in the same way you do.

  1. People share to define themselves:

Surprising but true, your clients define themselves through you. In the same way, you defined yourself through your mentors, your clients are finding out who they are and where they fit in the world based on you. Your clients will share things that make them feel good.

  1. To grow and nourish relationships:

Every human wants to feel connected to the whole and what better way than through sharing. Sharing helps keep the feeling of connection going and of course, opens the potential to make new connections.

  1. Self-fulfillment:

If you share something that another person finds useful, you get a great boost. Confidence increases and you feel validated. Same thing happens for your clients, it’s back to feeling good!

  1. To get the word out about causes believed in:

When sharing, people want to feel empowered and nothing does that better than sharing about a common cause, politics, funnies, sharing is caring!

What does this all mean?

Overall it all comes down to the study showing that the motivations for sharing come down to the relationships consumers have with one another.

As a therapist or small business owner, that is a powerful realisation to make: it’s not about you, it’s about them!

When you write your next post, advert or giveaway, remember these five reasons. Understanding the rationale for sharing will help you help your clients even more.

These days, for me I’m not so worried about being stolen from. I know that showing my vulnerabilities and sharing with those I care about creates many more opportunities than I ever dreamed possible before.

What opportunities have come about for you?

Pop me an email or onto my Facebook page and share your thoughts…

Cheryl-lya is a Soul Adventurer and Planning Queen: helping women around the globe plan launch and grow successful sustainable businesses. She runs workshops alongside one-to-one coaching. Contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911, or visit her website Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email:


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