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Do things a bit differently, that's the way we like it!


Just the copywriter you have been looking for

Words have the power to attract the right clients to you, provided you get them right and throw in a bit of SEO to help. A great marketing strategy is a given, yet it’s the words you use that attract your perfect clients.

You understand the power of a well-placed word. You also understand the need for a professional writer who can make your message unique.

Someone who can write compelling copy that gets your business noticed in the wider world. The same someone who relieves you of the frustrations and burdens of strategising and writing.

That same someone gives you back time to do what you do best… whatever you choose to do.

Specialist Small Business Copywriter

Copywriting IS for you, the one-woman business owner, the entrepreneur. Especially if you are serious about growing your business but don’t have the time to write websites, blogs, brochures or marketing materials yourself.

Having written copy at various levels throughout my 15-year career in the NHS, Higher Education and Social Housing sectors, a new challenge was needed. I realised when I started my own business a few years ago that I really excelled at helping one-woman and small businesses find and express their voice.

That’s where you and I meet.

Copywriting is NOT expensive or just for big business.  As a one-woman business, I understand the costs involved in being a start-up and expanding business.

No two clients are alike, your project is unique and priced accordingly. Affordable rates are agreed on upfront, no surprises.

How I can help you

Solutions and creative thinking based on your needs, goals and desires for your business growth:

  • Tone and voice
  • Strategy
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimised) Content
  1. Unique copy – Tone and voice

Whether it’s telling your brand story or giving crisp, to the point copy, I’ll adapt my writing style to your voice ensuring your copy will always be unique.

  1. It’s not just words - Strategy

I’ll support you not only with writing, also with a sound strategy on and off-line to ensure your business grows.

  1. Getting you seen - SEO

To get your work into the wider world we will add in SEO given by you. If you have no idea about SEO we can add that into the mix.

Wherever you are on the globe, video-calls make the world a village. We work together through video-calls internationally, UK phone/video or in-person if you are around North London.

Types of writing

Generally, it's best we talk things through so I get a clear picture of your needs. We'll then work out what's best for you, among the many options available these are my favourites:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Social Media posts
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Brochures, flyers and printed materials

Bespoke packages individually priced

 Every business, project and piece is unique. It’s best to work out what you need first and price up accordingly.

We’ll have a chat to work out what you need. You’ll choose one of these three ways to work together:

  • The All-Inclusive-Done-for-You – This is the mega, all-inclusive option where you sit back and relax while I do it all for you. Usually best for either ongoing monthly services (e.g. blogs, social media, and so on) or longer-term ad hoc projects (websites).
  •  The DIY Self-Starter Kit– Whether it’s writing posts or campaign strategies, I’ll teach you how to write your own pieces. Usually best for those who enjoy writing and need a guiding hand or coach.
  •  The Tailored-Just-for-You - You do the bits you love and I do the bits you don’t. Usually best for one-off ad hoc projects alongside monthly or ongoing projects (e.g. social media posts to platforms with newsletters and blogs). Think of this as the best of both worlds, win-win.

Are you a phone or a form kinda gal?

Phone me on 07527 303 911 or contact me via the contact form. Either way, let’s talk today and get your words working for you.