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Working for your local community is one of the best gifts you could ever give. It’s also one of the hardest.

With funders in short supply and communities needing even more support than before simply to survive, project management and consultancy skills are needed from grassroots through to medium-size charities.

Now more than ever charities need to be saving money and building capacity at the same time. Fundraising with little or no staff, keeping activities going for members and service users is a stretch, funders are wanting to know projects are well managed and financially sound…. The list is endless.

How can your charity show your programmes are sound, viable and well managed now and into the future?

We have been supporting small charities develop amazing volunteer services, the results have been brilliant. Big hearts create wonderful engagement and growth opportunities.

Even more positive, we can replicate these successes and tailor approaches specifically for your charity.

Our tailored consulting approach will help you to:

  • Plan and deliver on project promises
  • Understand the real value of volunteers and how they can improve RoI
  • Maximise resources and strengthen community engagement
  • Increase skills and talent resources
  • Capacity building
  • Have viable statistics and reporting for funders

Skilled at working on funded contracts, we will help set up and manage:

  • Keeping projects on time, to plan and on budget
  • Attracting, retaining and training the right staff and volunteers skill-set
  • Managing projects and services to a tight budget creating cost-savings where possible
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Create sustainable fundraising initiatives

Soul’s Compass is able to help with a diverse set of projects across a range of charitable sectors.

Case Study 1 – Volunteer Growth Despite a Global Pandemic

A Heritage site won NLHF funding. March 2020, saw the service pivot from in-person Front of House volunteering to remote Digital Support provision.

Within six weeks the entire project shifted on-line including:

  • New volunteer roles were designed and delivered
  • Recruitment, training and development specialised for digital support volunteers
  • Managing and motivating a remote volunteer group
  • Helping improve digital access for both volunteers and the community

Benefits accruing:

  • Over 30 diverse volunteers delivering online activities
  • Improved community relationships whilst increasing engagement levels
  • Diverse range of skills supporting project outputs into 2021/2022

Case Study 2 – Specialist Care in the Community Pilot Project Reaches No.1

A north London Hospice won Macmillan funding to pilot a new model of specialist community care for End-of-Life patients. This had not existed as an offering before.

Volunteering arm reached number 1 in the UK for:

  • most social impact in the community
  • most volunteer hours
  • most supportive volunteers

Creative solutions involved:

  • Recruiting for Specialist Community Volunteers
  • Specialist training and support groups
  • Managing volunteers in the community
  • Balancing staff buy-in and support

Since 2016, further projects developed from the pilot and continue to support the local community with specialist support today.

Case study 3 – Employability Volunteers

An enterprise organisation secured funding to run employability programme.

As a small organisation, insufficient staff were on-hand to support the project.

Creative solutions included:

  • Recruitment, management and development of volunteer support team
  • Workshop development for both volunteers and service-users
  • Liaising with Local Employers, Schools and Job Centres

Benefits include:

  • Successful subsequent bids won
  • Volunteer support improved key output attainment
  • Upskilling the local community

Over 18-months, 90+ local residents supported into full and part-time employment.

Case Study 4 – Centralising Services

A local London Community Centre has a thriving volunteer cohort.

Over time different projects caused disparate management of volunteers across teams.

Creative solutions include:

  • Efficient processes and time-saving maximises resources
  • Creating central recruitment, communications and reporting functions
  • Creating rewarding cross-volunteering opportunities
  • Ensuring consistent recognition and rewarding volunteers continues

Benefits include:

  • Freeing up essential resources and increasing successful bids
  • Funders and Boards getting relevant up-to-date data
  • Increasing volunteer engagement, retention and outputs

Board reports currently showing quarterly increases in key outputs.

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