Bullying can’t happen to me, can it?

This Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s talk about something taboo – bullying at work.

You’re probably thinking bullying only happens in the playground right? It can’t happen to me?

Well, you’d be wrong…

Workplace bullying is very real and affects all areas of one’s life leaving mental health and wellbeing in tatters. Unfortunately, it is an uncomfortable truth that you probably know someone who is being bullied right now. Even more painful, bullying could happen to you or a loved one at any point in life.

Bullying does not stop in the playground and workplace bullying is bigger than you think. Happening in organisations of all sizes, to contractors, staff, volunteers – at least one in three people will experience workplace bullying in one form or another.

But what is bullying exactly?

In this popular series of podcasts, episodes 4-6, Cheryl-lya Broadfoot of Soul’s Compass is interviewed by Liza K Collins of The Positive Change Podcast talking through bullying and what solutions are out there. Catch us talking about what bullying is, what the HR perspective is, and what solutions are available for you personally to help yourself or your loved one come out safely the other side, healthier and happier.

What is bullying? Listen to Cheryl-lya’s first chat with Liza here: https://anchor.fm/liza-collins/episodes/Episode-4—What-is-Bullying-with-Cheryl-lya-Broadfoot-e10r0dl (Podcasts will be released weekly over three weeks starting 13th May 2021)

Did you know bullying is quite rife at work?

“According to a YouGov Poll (for the TUC), 29% of people have been the victims of workplace bullying. That’s nearly 3 in every 10 workers and would equate to 9.1 million of the UK workforce. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the populations of Scotland and Wales combined. ” says Agency Central (https://www.agencycentral.co.uk/articles/2016-05/uk-workplace-bullying-problem.htm)

What can be done about these worrying statistics?

Challenge the stats. Listen to the podcast. Be brave by asking for help. Bring your mental health to wholeness. Here’s how:

Get an Accountability Coach or mentor to help you through. It’s stressful enough as it is and a coach can help you put things in perspective, navigate the pitfalls and help you and your family. An Accountability Coach can help ease your stress, reduce anxiety and give you the clarity you need to work through this trying time.

Remember to also collaborate with your HR team, family and friends.

A good HR team can and will help:

“And if, as the HR professional, you feel someone else is being bullied then you need to take action. That’s where your professional code comes into play and that’s all about having the courage to challenge. If you feel something isn’t right, chances are it’s not, so have courage, do challenge and do check.
Bullying is unacceptable and damaging both mentally and physically and we must, as HR professionals, work towards eradicating this in the workplace to create a better culture and environment for us all.” says Lisa Seagroatt founder and managing director of HR Fit for Purpose in People Management article (https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/voices/comment/why-hr-professionals-need-to-have-the-courage-to-challenge-bullying)

You can also listen to Liza’s previous Positive Change podcasts episodes 1-3 with Dan Shaw here: https://anchor.fm/liza-collins/episodes/Episode-1—-Im-too-old-to-be-a-victim-of-workplace-bullying-with-Dan-Shaw-eudher

If you feel you need a coach to help you through this situation and into a healthier, happier way of living, speak to Cheryl-lya about her Accountability Mentoring package – tailored to your individual needs. Your first steps to freedom start with YOU: Book a call here.