Are clients eluding you?

Are clients eluding you?

‘I serve ALL clients’.

So many of us (myself included!) started out with that wonderful phrase.

Your totally unique offer is for everybody on the planet? Umm, no!

During an inspiring conversation, a wonderful, kind-hearted client told me she could serve every-body because every-body needs Reiki. I mentioned I volunteered at my local hospice, giving Reiki to patients in the last six months of their life. I asked if she would join the team as she would be a perfect fit.

Wiggle, squirm, awkward silence. The sad look and honest reply: ‘not for me’.

Do you feel the same way as that lovely lady? Not every-one can work with patients who are at the end of their life. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with that at all. It means you are now getting closer to defining who you can realistically serve.

Another fabulous lady told me she could help any-one with any employment issue. Employability is a big issue, so I suggested maybe looking into her local community centre to help long-term unemployed people get the most out of a job search.

The look of scrunched eyes and lemon-bitter-lips said it all!

Not every-one can work with the long-term unemployed mind-set. There is nothing wrong with that either. Again, you are getting closer to knowing who you ideally want to serve.

Knowing who you can serve whole-heartedly, who your ideal client is, drives your marketing efforts.

We all have specific people that are ideal for us to serve. We all have unique gifts to share. It’s simply a question of working out who to share our gifts with.

All marketing, networking, copywriting and similar efforts are focussed on who you serve best and bringing those clients to you.

If you know who you are talking to, attracting the right clients for you is so much easier.

Your ideal client defines your landing pages, website, social media postings and more. Being clear saves a lot of time and energy.

Attracting clients starts with you. Yes, you have to get clear.

Find the space to explore who you are and what you bring to your clients. As a start, ask yourself the following:

  • Who do you serve best?
  • Who brings you the most joy when you serve them?
  • What is it about those people that make you want to serve them?
  • Which service offers are best for that particular person?
  • When do you serve clients best?

Think of the attributes of the people you like working with. Bring their skills and qualities together into one avatar. Write a profile that includes the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • What activities do they enjoy?
  • What problems could this person be facing?
  • How would you identify them out in the world?
  • What else can you think of to include?

Get creative, dig really deep and see who this person is. Give that person a name.

Once you are clear on who you serve best, what you can do for them, you can talk to that person directly through your marketing. Isn’t this way so much easier than before?

Yes. A resounding yes! That is the start though…

As you grow and offer more, the profile will change. Eventually you will have several profiles. However to keep it simple, only market to one ideal client per service offer.

Soon you will have a bunch of raving fans. Think about that!

Are you still so keen to serve the entire world all the time? Nah, I didn’t think so!

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