How accountability creates real results

Accountability. Another business euphemism or something worth taking seriously?

I asked friends and colleagues what ‘accountability’ meant to them. The answer was unanimous: Taking responsibility for their own life, business or career. I knew my years of talking about accountability had finally paid off!

Same for you?

For most of us, we find the true meaning of an accountability process after a problem has happened. Yet, if you think about any of your goals, accountability is an everyday skill needed to get ahead.

Think about it this way. Does achieving your dreams need accountability? How about, stress relief, success, improved relationships, overcoming obstacles, helping yourself and others?  The answer is ‘yes’ to all.

Are there any benefits to taking responsibility for yourself?

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, people fear failure. Accountability can produce positive, valuable results.

The positive results of practising a constructive approach to accountability include:

  • improved performance
  • more participation and involvement
  • increased feelings of competency,
  • increased commitment to the work,
  • more creativity and innovation, and
  • higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work.

All these results in a lot more rewarding life that will keep you positive and motivated.

So how to be accountable?

Here are my top 5 ways to ensure you are accountable for your success.

  1. Get an Accountability partner

Nothing will motivate you more than having someone to check-in with. The simple act of sharing your goals, challenges, and successes will get you started and keep you going. An accountability partner will understand you. They’ll challenge you to be your best and be your cheerleader.

  1. Create a clear vision

If you are not clear on what your end result is, you’ll flap about in the wind like a flag without a pole – with no real purpose!

Your vision is like entering the address in your Satnav. It will get you where you are going in the shortest possible time with least amount of effort. This is where the wisdom of your accountability coach will be invaluable in keeping you on track.

  1. Create realistic goals

Goals are the stepping stones to realising your vision. They take your overwhelming task and make it manageable.

Dare I say it, goals can be fun too. Sharing with your coach will make sure you are using the resources you have to the best. Checking off your goals gives you the motivation to keep going.

Your coach will help you address any challenges so you can adapt and manage your goals with ease and grace.

  1. Take daily consistent actions

Consistency gets you to the finish line.

Some days will be better than others. On the odd off-day, a tiny step towards your destination will keep the momentum going.

Getting into the routine of doing something every day will keep you motivated. You’ll be ready for the great results coming your way. Your coach will cheer you on between reality checks!

  1. Have a progress bar

Sounds weird? A great visual alleviates stress and keeps you focused on the end result. In the same way, a computer has a progress bar.

You’ll be able to celebrate successes and prepare for them as you go along. Always safe in the knowledge you are getting closer with every action.

So, you now know how accountability creates real results. Are you ready to commit to your results?

Try these pointers out and come back to tell me how it’s working out for you. I love hearing about your successes and…

Join our Action-taker’s Mastermind Group and get accountable.

… Sharing keeps you accountable.

Cheryl-lya is a Transition Strategist. Helping women around the globe plan launch and grow successful sustainable businesses & careers. She is London based and runs workshops alongside one-to-one accountability coaching. Contact her: call UK mobile 07527 303 911. Visit her website . Say ‘hello’ or share your joys via email:

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