What’s the deal with self-employment among women?

What’s the deal with self-employment among women?

It’s no secret – the number of women-owned businesses in the UK is growing at a rapid rate and has been for the past few years. According to research by the Women’s Business Council, self-employment in the UK is at the highest level in 40 years, with much of the recent growth among women.

But what exactly is the reason for this growth? Here are 3 reasons why self-employment is so ‘in’ and especially among women:

1.    Desire to be one’s own boss. In employment, unless you are the top bod in your company (which if you are I doubt you will be reading this blog post!), it is almost 100% likely that you will be taking instructions, or orders, yes, orders, at various points in your working week from your boss (or two). If you have a boss that you get on with, then that is great. Unfortunately, many women however have a boss who thinks that just because they are in a higher position than them, this automatically gives them the right to be bossy. It doesn’t!

Self-employment means that you no longer have anyone to answer to, well you do – yourself and in one way or another your clients too (when you are in the middle of doing work for them). But generally, you are the top bod. What a great feeling that is!

2.    Exploring one’s passion. When in employment, dreaming away at the thought of becoming an excellent cake-maker or running your own interior design company, often remains just that – a dream! Usually the working day of an employee is so full, that it doesn’t allow individuals to really pursue those dreams and burning desires to do something in their life.

In fact, employment kills dreams! In the short-term this is not good as this often leaves employees frustrated. In the long-term, not pursuing a dream can often lead to regrets, disappointment and a sense of failure of oneself. Get out there and pursue that dream!

3.    Flexible working. Although the 9-5 day is the norm for the employed, this does not of course suit everyone. Those with children, who are studying, have other commitments, find that these hours are not too conducive to their lifestyle. When you are in business and working for yourself, you set your hours. If you want to work at 2am in the morning (like I am doing now – but I am not recommending you do this either!) then you can.

Working at hours that suits you puts you in full control of what you want to do and when! And this is exactly how it should be. It’s your life after all, isn’t it, not your boss’s or anyone else!

If you are considering taking the leap from employment to self-employment, but need some help and support, check out Business Mastery for Women: From Employee to Entrepreneur, a 7-week course aimed at women who are seeking to set up their own business. Takes place from Saturday, September 16. See: http://bit.ly/2vJWySn


Colette Machado is both PR Guru and my business partner… I am so thrilled to have been able to share her work on our project with you!

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